Some things in life are too precious to miss As eastern Montana’s only speech and hearing center, we’re here to make sure the sound of your loved one’s voice, favorite song, or the ability to tell a really good joke isn’t something that passes you by.


Speech Therapy So much more than simply speech

If you or someone you care for needs help developing new communication skills or regaining ones that have been lost, we can help.
Our speech-language pathologists offer evaluations and treatments for an array of communication-related conditions, including stuttering, tongue thrust, aphasia, autism spectrum disorder, and more.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Services We don’t “fit-‘em-and-forget-‘em” around here

Our step-by-step fitting process methodically maximizes our patients’ hearing potential through testing, gradual adaptation, and verification. When you choose us as your hearing partners, you benefit from:

  • affordable hearing aids 4x the amount of time other hearing clinics spend testing your hearing to ensure we get it right the first time
  • affordable hearing aids 30-day free “test-drive” period to see if hearing aids are right for you
  • affordable hearing aids Up to 9 follow-up appointments in the first year alone to make sure your hearing devices are working properly and comfortable to wear
  • affordable hearing aids 90-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind (most providers offer only 30 days)
  • affordable hearing aids 1 full year of interest-free, in-house financing if needed

What our patients love about Hearing and Speech Connection

Our History Passionate care runs in the family

Hearing and Speech Connection hearing center is a family-run practice helping patients find connection through communication since 2002. We believe everyone deserves the ability to express themselves and feel in tune with the world around them — and we do everything in our power to make that a reality for each patient we treat.


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