Most people know that hearing protection is recommended for hunters/gun enthusiasts and those working with loud equipment and machinery – and we certainly do recommend it for those groups! – but hearing conservation and sound filtering devices are useful in a wide variety of circumstances. Below is an overview of the types of devices we provide, and most of these can be further customized to your needs with the addition of bluetooth options, cords, filters, metal detection capability, etc.

In addition, if you’re currently a hearing aid user, we can generally modify your existing hearing devices to work as hearing protection with some programing changes and the addition of a special sleeve. No more having to choose between protecting your remaining hearing at the expense of not being able to hear those you’re working or hunting with!

Hunter Wearing Hearing Protection

Hearing protection earplugs for hunters and shooting enthusiasts

We offer everything from rapid, in-house production of custom-fit silicon plugs, to high-end, electronic filtering devices. We take into consideration the type of hunting and shooting you do, the presence of any existing hearing loss, and identify the best product type for your needs. Our high-end electronic plugs have an NRR rating of 22 but also amplify speech and environmental sounds so you don’t miss a thing. And their Bluetooth connectivity means you can take phone calls or even stream music! Rechargeable devices with long battery life means no hassling with cords or battery changes out in the field.

Sound Gear Hearing Protection

We offer industrial hearing screenings, hearing conservation training and consultations, and provide hearing protection fittings for industries and companies of all sizes. Call us at (406) 969-2770 (Billings area) or (406) 233-4327 (Miles/City Glendive area) to schedule a free consultation about our hearing conservation services. We travel within a 200-mile radius.

Workplace environments vary significantly from one to the next. The needs of a construction crew working with noisy tools and equipment are very different from those of factory workers, food service workers, etc. A food service employee will need metal detectable plugs to protect the public in the unlikely event of a plug becoming lost in a food product. A contractor may need Bluetooth capabilities so he or she can make and receive phone calls without continually removing and replacing the plugs. When wearing earplugs is part of your job, comfort is of the utmost importance, and we make sure our plugs can be worn for 8+ pain-free hours. No matter the setting, our extensive information gathering and testing (if needed) ensures that these devices are well suited for each user’s occupation and circumstances.

Acou Filter

Musicians have diverse needs – Bluetooth connectivity, cords, personalized color options, etc., are all useful features, but most importantly, musicians need to be able to attenuate sounds without any degradation in sound quality. These lossless plugs allow users to control volume with no loss of musical clarity and are designed with comfort in mind. We even offer different options for indoor vs. outdoor performance settings.

Earbud in Ear

Love the sound quality of your earbuds but hate the pain they can cause or how easily they can fall out and be lost? We have the solutions to those challenges! We create custom silicone molds that attach to your earbuds and provide a deeper, more comfortable fit. We can add cords, too! 

Hearing Protection, Custom Mold

Anyone with PE tubes or perforations in the eardrums should avoid putting their ears under water. This can make bathing children challenging and take the fun out of swimming and water play. Moldable wax DIY earplug kits are available on the market, but the risks of wax getting into the opening in the eardrum, or adhering to the tube and pulling it out are significant. Plus, we have fun colors and swirly designs to choose from!

swimmer plugs

In addition to the types and features of designs intended for hunting and shooting, these plugs include an algorithm that will detect wind noise and send a counter signal to drastically reduce it. This is critical for activities involving movement at a high rate of speed, like water skiing or four-wheeling. We even offer plugs with communication abilities for bikers traveling in pairs or groups.

xx Soundgear phantom

Children and adults with ADHD and autism can benefit from selectively reducing frequencies that are bothersome or distracting. There are many self-fitting earplugs available on the market, but ours are customized to the needs and preferences of the user. We conduct extensive audiologic testing to identify which frequencies are problematic, and maximize the filtering and sound-reducing abilities of the devices to target those pitches. A variation of this type of plug is a “sleep plug,” which is great for those who work graveyard shifts and need to be able to sleep during the day, as well as for light sleepers.