There is a wide range of options when it comes to today’s hearing aids. Hearing aids have significantly advanced over the years, innovating the hearing aid industry. Manufacturers produce an array of savvy devices that offer various styles, colors, features, and technologies. With numerous hearing aid options, navigating your choices can be challenging.

At Hearing and Speech Connection, our specialists are equipped with the expertise and experience to recommend the devices that are optimal for your specific hearing needs. We work with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers to pair you with a device that can seamlessly integrate into your daily life and transform your hearing health. Knowing more about today’s hearing aid brands and their latest hearing aid models can help you make an informed decision when choosing your device.

Hearing Aid Brands The major leading industry brands use cutting-edge technology to produce hearing aids that deliver enhanced sound quality and dynamic listening experiences.

Phonak Logo
Known for introducing the hearing aid industry to groundbreaking technologies including rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth technology, Phonak consistently expands what is possible for hearing aids. Their latest model includes the Lyric which is the world’s first 100% invisible hearing aid. It sits deep in the ear canal and can be worn 24/7. The lyric uses the anatomy of the ear to deliver natural sounds, giving people access to more soundscapes.
Starkey Logo
Produced the first hearing aid to offer health tracking features. Their latest hearing aid model is the Livio which has integrated sensors that track activity related to health: monitoring steps, movement, social engagement, etc. Other features that are offered include Bluetooth connectivity, tap controls to make adjustments with a simple tap on the devices, rechargeable battery, and mask mode features to enhance the sound through masks.
Widex Logo
Develops innovative technology to offer personalized settings. Their latest hearing aid model is the Widex Moment which utilizes machine learning technology to program settings and switches to those settings automatically in specific environments. This device also uses Zero Delay and Pure sound technologies to process sound signals quickly. This delivers clear and natural sound without delay or feedback noise.
Unitron Logo
Uses a range of technologies to provide personalized settings and features. Their latest model is the Unitron Moxi Blu. This hearing aid uses an advanced signal processing system with greater memory and connectivity possibilities. It also features sound optimization, Bluetooth connectivity, tap controls, and a rechargeable battery.
Oticon Logo
Produced the first made for iPhone hearing aids in 2016 (Oticon OPN). Oticon’s latest hearing aid model is the Oticon More. This device uses technology developed by Oticon to provide the wearer with full soundscapes. The Oticon More is designed to deliver greater sound that is high quality.
Sonic Innovations
Their latest hearing aid model, Radiant, is the first to use Sonic’s latest technology which includes new digital signal processing to streamline noise management. This reduces background noise, enhances speech in difficult listening environments, and delivers high-quality sound.
Signia Logo
Produces well-designed hearing aids that feature the latest digital technologies. Their latest hearing aid model is the Insio Charge&Go AX. An in-the-ear hearing aid, this device features a rechargeable battery, Android and iPhone connectivity, an AI assistant, and a customized fit. Signia also produces the Styletto Connect which innovates behind the ear hearing aids with its sleek design.
Resound Hearing Logo
Their latest model is the LiNX Quattro which comes equipped with several industry-leading features. Additionally, this hearing aid is built with ReSound’s new processing chip which offers more speed and twice the memory capacity. This supports optimal performance and provides a wider range of sounds that are processed and delivered with great clarity.

In addition to working with these major brands in the hearing aid industry, our practice also works with over-the-counter brands. This includes Eargo, Lively, Audicus, MD hearing aid, and Audien Hearing.

We also offer unbundled options and service plans that provide continued support for your device. We can help set these hearing aids up and also provide repair services when needed. Having knowledge and experience with such a wide range of hearing aid