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Install a hearing loop at church and
never miss another sermon.

Church leaders: How many sheep from your flock have you lost because they can't hear your voice?

On average, 10% of your patrons use hearing aids and guess what? They are silently struggling. Many of them attend faithfully week after week, getting very little value from your sermon until, eventually, they stop coming. They’re lost.

I meet with clients every day who used to be faithful, philanthropic members of their churches until communication became so difficult, so burdensome, that they simply stopped attending. The real kicker is that many of these people feel guilty about their decision to stay home and would gladly return to full activity if the communication barrier was removed. Instead, during church services, they sit at home harboring feelings of resentment and exile instead of love and acceptance, and really, can you blame them?

You may think your current sound equipment is getting the job done for your average hearing aid wearer. It frankly doesn't matter how good your equipment is or how outstanding your room acoustics are. People with hearing aids struggle. Even the best sound system can’t compete with the inevitable cacophony of shuffling feet, crinkling papers, sniffling noses, and crying babies that happens throughout a typical church service. These seemingly inconsequential sounds add up, and can be a huge communication barrier for people with hearing aids.

Many churches have FM headsets for their parishioners, but these systems rarely get used because they are embarrassing and are not compatible with hearing aids.

Hearing loops are the answer. They transmit the sound directly to the hearing aid, matching the unique acoustic needs of each user. By adding a hearing loop system to your meetinghouse, you’ll keep your congregation hearing clearly and coming back for more!

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best hearing aids

how does it work? A hearing loop re-connects people with hearing loss to your message. It’s basically a giant antenna that allows people with hearing aids to link straight into your sound system.

Your message is delivered directly to the hearing aids, bypassing distracting noise and clatter, and provides your struggling parishioners with crystal-clear sound optimized just for them.

For someone with hearing aids struggling to hear in church, a hearing loop is a godsend.
Here’s what some of them have to say:

best hearing aids

Why use a hearing loop? People love loop systems, and with how dramatically they improve the
lives of those who use them, equipping your meeting area with one is a
no-brainer. They are inexpensive, low-maintenance, and highly effective.

Hearing Connection is proud to be the only company in Montana certified to install hearing loop systems. Before, if Montanans wanted a hearing loop, they would have to spend extra time and money for someone from Colorado to do the job, but not anymore.

Montanans and their neighbors are enthusiastically adopting hearing loops into their worship halls, theaters, and conference rooms.
Awareness of, and demand for these systems are skyrocketing, and Hearing Connection has never been busier!

If you are considering purchasing a hearing loop system for your church, we offer a free demonstration of a hearing loop in your facility prior to purchase.

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